AMW build 6.0: From Beyond The Trees Came A Man

Hey folks

Boy do I suck at deadlines, huh? Anyway, update 6.0 is finally here

- This time it was River's turn for a complete visual overhaul, both civilian and hunter clothes
- 4 new music tracks, with a bunch of remixes of previous themes on top of that
- 6 CG's, all with variations
- Roughly 12 500 words of new story

Well, this update got way out of hand. So much was cut, and redone, and rewritten and redrawn. There's probably close to 17 alternate versions of this update on my PC.

So much went wrong; writer's block, depression, covid, financial issues, moving etc etc.

In the end, this is what came out of it all, and while I'm not fully happy with it all, I'm at least ready to publish this. There are a bunch of things I would like to change, and add. More CG's, more sprites, more backgrounds - but at some point I had to realize that my ambitions were a bit too big for a one man team.

I wanna give a massive thanks to everyone who helped me get through this - through proof reading, critisism, encouragement and support. And a huge thank you to the patreons who stuck around despite the wait, it really means the world to me that you want to see this project continue.

Oh, and before I go, AMW now has it's own Official Discord Server thanks to Mr. T (no, not that Mr. T). Huge thanks for helping me set it up, man.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the update, and thank you for sticking around.

- Pack

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Aug 18, 2022

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hey it fine but im happy you back


Just played through the update.  Wow, a lot dropped!  It's been a while, so I need to go through the whole thing from the beginning again to refresh.  Thanks so much for the update!

Gods, what an update!
On a side note, ended up downloading both of Cody's edgeshots and used them as wallpapers. Hope you don't mind!



nice! also yeah i undestand being serious about your project but also take it easy, you are one single man you can't expect to do a thousand man work

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Yay! My night just got a whole lot better!